Monday, February 2, 2009

Big News from Superbowl XLIII

- Watch highlights of the superbowl on the NFL site.

NBC’s broadcast of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ vs, the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII averaged 95.4 million viewers, ranking second behind last year’s record-setting game. NBC announced on Jan. 31 its advertising spots fetched $206 million, the most ever.

- Superbowl went social and used twitter to tweet about events. From the web site it looks like thy had 2,987 followers (compared with 95.4 million viewers who watched the game.)  NFL also blogged about the event during the game. Not a huge number of followers, but definitely pointing to the merge of online and broadcast experiences.

- Hulu not only showed all the superbowl ads online immediately after their aires, they also broadcast their own ad during the live broadcast - for FREE!  Good deal considering the going rate for ads was rumored to be 2-3 million dollars.

- Doritos ad won the USA TODAY'S 21st annual exclusive Super Bowl Ad Meter: a site for real-time consumer testing of how much they liked the ads as they aired. Whats amazing is that the ad was created  for an online contest for amateurs (sponsored by Doritos) by two unemployed brothers . Certainly builds up on the momentum for user generated productions.

- You can still vote for your favorite superbowl ad on Youtube

- Oh yeah, almost forgot -  the Pittsburgh Steelers won 27-23 ;)

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