Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Digital Hollywood

Last week, I spoke at a panel for Digital Hollywood. It was an interesting panel on Content Distribution Models.
Most interesting to me was the new buzzword in Hollywood: branded content.
Remember the concept of product placements? Simon Covell casually sipping Coke in American Idol?
Well - turns out that the 'brands' (like Coke, P&G, GM etc.) have decided if they are shelling out the dough, they want to be more of the hero of the show, and not an after thought.  So take transformers, where the brand - Chevys - was so intertwined with the story and the characters that it was the perfect marketing vehicle for the company all in the guise of entertainment!

If done right, branded entertainment can be a win win for all. But more often that not, I believe that the creative process will bow to the brand needs - leading to sub par story lines and plots

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